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Gregory Nolan is an Irish photographer who has worked professionally in the field for over 15 years. His work has taken him to six continents and has been featured by internationally acclaimed publications.

While capturing the lives and careers of Grammy and Oscar-winning musicians, Gregory Nolan honed his craft and his ability to document powerful moments and candid stories. In touring the world and working in a wide range of settings, he has mastered the ability to put people at their ease while capturing them at their best--bringing out the energy and power of the scene in front of him and providing clients with powerful images.

While Gregory still tours with bands, he is now based in Salem, Oregon. Since relocating to the US, Gregory has worked with a wide range of local nonprofits and businesses, bringing his eye for capturing people and events at their candid best, and in crafting compelling portraits. He runs an Esports content creation company, Better Than Bad Studios. He has also photographed weddings from intimate backyard affairs to extravagant vineyard venues. He looks forward to engaging with more of Oregon’s creative people, communities, and organizations.